Fair Isle South Lighthouse Built: 1892 Engineer: David A. Stevenson Automated: 31st March 1998 During an air attack in December 1941, Mrs. Catherine Sutherland (aged 22) the wife of an assistant lighthouse keeper, was killed and their infant daughter slightly hurt. On 21st January 1942 during a second attack a bomb hit the west end of the main block of houses. The building caught fire and was burnt out. The wife of the principal lighthouse keeper, Mrs. Margaret Helen Smith (aged 60), and their daughter Margaret (Greta) Smith (aged 10) were killed. A soldier, Gunner William Morris (aged 27) manning an anti aircraft gun nearby was also killed. Extensive damage was done by fire, blast and flying debris. Mr. Roderick Macaulay, assistant keeper at Fair Isle North, walked through snow drifts and gale force winds to help restore the south light. He received the B.E.M. for outstanding service. In memory of Mrs. Catherine Sutherland Mrs. Margaret Smith Margaret (Greta) Smith Gunner William G. Morris R.A.

?, Fair Isle, United Kingdom