Penny Hole. This building was the gatehouse for the historically significant Low Mill. The world's first successful worsted spinning mill built in 1787. Workers who were late were fined by one penny.

Penny Mill Cottage, Addingham, United Kingdom

Low House 1663 former home of William Brear (1841-1911) owner of W. M. Brear & Sons Sawmill a family business for nearly 150 years. He was also a founding member of Addingham Parish Council on which the Brear Family served for a hundred years, and a major supporter of Mount Hermon Chapel

Low House, Saw Mill Lane, Addingham, United Kingdom

Mount Hermon Wesleyan reform Chapel 1861 from here Pastor William Kendall Gale travelled as a missionary to Madagascar...

Mount Hermon Chapel, Addingham, United Kingdom

Addingham Poor House 1686. Built by the overseers of the poor for the village paupers. During the 19th century became the "Band 'ole". (used by the village brass band). Rebuilt in 2007 by Peter Hindle & Doug Tetley with support from Addingham Parish Council

The Band 'Ole, Addingham, United Kingdom