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Blount Springs Famous health resort 1843-1914 Here fashionable ladies and gentlemen of the South vacationed with their families.

?, Blount Springs, AL, United States

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Henry W. Sweet Henry Wilson Sweet (1902-1990) contributed greatly to the economic, political and civil life of Alabama, Jefferson County, and Bessemer. As Jefferson County Commissioner, he helped bring the University of Alabama Medical Center to Birmingham, signing the deed conveying land and the Hillman-Jefferson Hospital Complex to UAB. Sweet was Director of the Alabama and Georgia State Docks and a candidate for Governor in 1954. While he was Alabama Docks Director, Mobile achieved its highest ever U.S. ports ranking. He also served as Treasurer of the Bessemer Division of Jefferson County, President of the American Association of Ports Authorities, and an International Director of Lions Clubs.

Arlington Avenue, Bessemer, AL, United States