On this site were built the Aldwick Barracks of the late 1700s when coastal defences were being improved against the possible Napoleonic invasion. The Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Gazette 10th October 1806 reported that soldiers of the 72nd and 89th Regiments, inflicted with opthalmia possibly contracted during services in the Mediterranean, were quartered in these barracks. The Sussex Weekly Advertiser of July 15th 1816 announced the auction and removal of the barrack buildings.

Junction of Barrack Lane The Street & Gossamer Lane, Aldwick, United Kingdom

The Pound House. An Act of 1563 was an early step towards national poor relief in England. A later Act in 1723 empowered churchwardens to provide poor houses or work houses. On this site in the 1700s stood a cottage called the Pound House, possibly named after the nearby Pound for straying animals. The churchwardens of Pagham leased it in 1747 as an additional poor house. The 1851 census records a Richard Williams and family a living here. The cottage was closed in 1913 as unfit for human habitation.

Barrack Lane, Aldwick, United Kingdom

On this site, from about the mid-14th Century, stood the Hundred House of Aldwick. Courthouse and Centre for local government for tithings in the area from Aldwick to Pallant (Chichester) and across to Slindon in the east. It was evidently rebuilt after 1617 and probably fell into disuse following the reform of local government in 1894. It was demolished about 1930.

Barrack Lane Loop, Aldwick, United Kingdom

On this site at Craigwell-on-Sea in the Parish of Aldwick, stood Craigwell House where HM King George V and Queen Mary were in residence from 9th February to 15th May 1929 during the King's convalescence. The original house pre-dated 1806. The last owner was Sir Arthur du Cros who by 1934 had embarked upon development of its extensive grounds. The house was demolished in 1938. Traces of its foundations and of tiled storerooms exist under houses now on the site.

The Drive East, Craigweil Estate, Aldwick, United Kingdom

1875 Hammonds Barn now called Rowland Rank Centre a centre for the community of Aldwick established in the memory of Rowland Rank died 1939

Rowland Rank Centre, Aldwick Road, Aldwick, United Kingdom