Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland

The Association was conceived and founded in 1932 by Dr Henry W. Featherstone (1894–1967). The Association represents the medical and political aspirations of over 10,000 anaesthetists in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and, through its overseas membership, has close contact with many other countries. As it does not operate under a Royal Charter, its broad constitution and relatively informal procedures enable it to promote and encourage other bodies to advance the academic and clinical aspects of the specialty of anaesthesia and the welfare of individual anaesthetists. There has not been any major development in British or Irish anaesthesia that has not been either initiated or promoted under its auspices. Primary objectives:
? to advance and improve patient care and safety in the field of anaesthesia and disciplines allied to anaesthesia ? to promote and support education and research in anaesthesia, medical specialties allied to anaesthesia and science relevant to anaesthesia ? to represent, protect, support and advance the interests of its members ? to encourage and support worldwide co-operation between anaesthetists

Dr John Snow 1813-1858 pioneer anaesthetist and epidemiologist lived in a house on this site

Frith Street W1, London, United Kingdom

The first anaesthetic given in England was administered in a house on this site 19 December 1846

24 Gower Street, London, United Kingdom

To the memory of John Snow 1813-1858. Pioneer anaesthetist and epidemiologist born near here.

Park Inn, North Street, York, United Kingdom