To commemorate the centenary of Howlong Hall 1888-1988.

Riverina Highway, Howlong, New South Wales, Australia

An Historical Building St. Brigid's Catholic Church 1865 3 An Australian Bicentennial Project To commemorate the nation's Bicentenary in 1988.

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Commemorating the early settlement of the Parish of St James, County of Moira. This plaque marks the original site of 'North Eastern Stores' general store, built in 1882, and The first George J. Coles Store 1910-1913

St James Road, opposite Devenish Road, St James, Victoria, Australia

Darkan Heritage Trail Former Road Board Office. The original West Arthur Road Board Office in Darkan was a tin shed erected on this site in 1908. This was replaced by the current building, which was officially opened on September 14th, 1929 by Mr. Cunningham, M.P.

?, Darkan, Western Australia, Australia

Williams Heritage Trail Agricultural Hall. Built in 1898, the hall was used for social events, weddings, church services, Road Board meetings and as a school. During the Second World War (1939-1945) it was used as an aircraft spotting station. In August 1909, 31 ratepayers met in the hall and voted to build a Road Board Office.

?, Williams, Western Australia, Australia

Williams Heritage Trail Marling School. The people of Marling applied for a Provisional School in February 1911. Thomas Lavender offered a four-room brick house as the classroom and tacher's residence. The parents had to find their own teacher, and the school was opened by Mr Edmund Sheehan on September 4th, 1911. It closed and re-opened several times and was last used in 1950.

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Woodanilling Pioneer Heritage Trail. Site of Woodanilling Agricultural Hall. The Woodanilling Agricultural Hall, which was opened on Aprils 16th, 1902, was a 40' by 20' building constructed of stones carded by local farmers. It was used as a school until 1906. The Hall was demolished, and the stone used to built a new Co-operative Store, in 1921.

?, Woodanilling, Western Australia, Australia