Barnsley Civic Trust

The new Barnsley Civic Trust was born in the autumn of 2006. The Town Centre Communities Partnership, represented by Phyllis Barnes (steering group treasurer) and Cath Wilkinson, helped to get the new Barnsley Civic Trust off the ground by organising the first meeting and arranging start-up funding.
The new Barnsley Civic Trust’s brief will be much wider than conservation alone; it wants to strengthen and promote the renaissance of the whole town, get more local people behind the regeneration of Barnsley, and involve them in what is going on.
We are a modern movement which aims to:
be an informed and constructive voice on civic issues. promote the best design in all new development. champion the conservation of Barnsley’s heritage and character. initiate practical projects which engage businesses, the community and voluntary groups. be a proactive and exciting movement which gets things done.

These shops and offices were erected in 1927 by Warner Gothard, Barnsley photographer 1865-1940 pioneer of the montage postcard. He donated Seckar Wood for the benefit of the people of Barnsley and Wakefield

Regent Street South, Barnsley, United Kingdom

36 New Street. Here, from 1946 to 1989, stood the photographic shop of Edward G. Tasker MBE, JP, ARPS 1910-1989 local historian and photographer, author of 'Barnsley Streets' and inspiration for the Ted Tasker Photographic Trust

New Street, Barnsley, United Kingdom

18 Regent Street. On this site lived Matthew Carrington Sykes 1858-1922 Barnsley doctor, surgeon and philanthropist, he presented the town with the chain of office of the Mayoress in 1902

Britannic House, Regent Street, Barnsley, United Kingdom

Charlie Williams MBE 1927-2006 performed here. A footballer, comedian and entertainer who never forgot his Barnsley roots. "Hey up me old flower, in't it a lovely day?"

Civic Theatre, Hanson Street, Barnsley, United Kingdom