Birmingham Canal Navigations Society

The BCNS aims to conserve, improve and encourage a wide range of interests in the 100 mile network of the Birmingham and Black Country Waterways know as the BCN.
The Birmingham Canal Navigations Society (BCNS) was formed in 1968 and has been promoting the areas canal system for forty years. In the early days it fought campaigns against the closure of many canals, but now the emphasis is on restoration and promoting awareness.

7 Old Turn Junction (1769) This junction was formed when James Brindley's contour canal of 1769 was joined by Thomas Telford's New Main Line in 1827.

Old Turn Junction (near the NIA), Birmingham, United Kingdom

1 46 Gas St. B'ham. One of the last surviving Worcester and Birmingham Canal Company buildings - formerly the company's head office.

Gas Street Basin - Worcester & Birmingham Canal - 46 Gas Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom

2 Worcester Bar (1792) This bar separates the Birmingham from the Worcester and Birmingham canals. All cargo was manhandled across until the Bar lock was added in 1815.

Gas Street Basin - Worcester & Birmingham Canal - Worcester Bar, Birmingham, United Kingdom

10 Toll Office This office was used for the collection of tolls from boats entering the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal (built 1783) at this point.

Cambrian Wharf, Birmingham & Fazeley Canal, Birmingham, United Kingdom

11 Farmer's Bridge Junction Formed in 1783 by the joining of the Birmingham and Fazeley canal and the 600 metre branch of the Birmingham canal (leading to its Newhall St. terminus).

Farmer's Bridge, Cambrian Wharf, Birmingham, United Kingdom

12 Saturday Bridge Possibly named after the alleged practice of paying boatmens' wages at this point on Saturdays.

Saturday Bridge, Summer Row, Birmingham, United Kingdom

3 Old Wharf (1772-1931) Beyond Bridge St, lay the Old Wharf terminus of the Birmingham Canal (infilled 1931) and the Paradise Street Offices of the BCN (demolished 1913).

Old Wharf, Gas Street Basin - Bridge Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom