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A. N. 'Monkey' Hornby (1847-1925) captain of England at cricket and rugby and footballer for Blackburn Rovers, was born here 10th February 1847

41 King Street, Blackburn, United Kingdom

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Here in Darwen St on 15th August 1842 textile workers protesting against wage cuts in the famous "Plug Plot" were fired upon by troops of the 72nd Regt. up to 3 of the demonstrators are thought to have been killed

BBC Radio Lancashire, Darwen Street, Blackburn, United Kingdom

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Ancient monument. Tramway reversing triangle opened 5th December 1881 as the southern terminus of the first steam powered street tramway in the United Kingdom. Blackburn & Over Darwen Tramways opened 14th April 1881

Cemetery Road, Darwen, United Kingdom

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Site of the Peel Baths erected by public subscription 1853 local board of health offices 1854-1878 "first" free library 1871-1895 Borough of Over Darwen Corporation offices 1878-1882 baths closed 1933 demolished 1963

Church Street, Darwen, United Kingdom

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Blackburn and Over Darwen Tramway. This road junction was the northern terminus of the first street tramway in the Kingdom to be worked entirely by steam. Officially opened 14th April 1881.

Postal Order, 15-19 Darwen Street, Blackburn, United Kingdom