Bourne Society

The Bourne Society was formed in 1956 and takes its name from the intermittent streams that follow the lines of the A22 and A23 roads, meeting in Purley to flow northward into the River Wandle. Its aim is to extend the knowledge of local history in Caterham, Chaldon, Chelsham, Chipstead, Coulsdon, Farleigh, Godstone, Kenley, Purley, Sanderstead, Whyteleafe, Warlingham and Woldingham (all in North-East Surrey), and to ensure the preservation of records and objects of historical interest. The Society celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2006.

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This plaque erected to commemorate the re-naming of this station - Purley - on 1st October 1888 from its former name of Caterham Junction itself renamed in 1856 from Godstone Road

Purley Railway Station, Station Approach, Purley, London, United Kingdom

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Site of The Rose and Crown public house

Site of The Rose and Crown, Riddlesdown, United Kingdom

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Sanderstead Old Forge built early 1700s and a smithy for two centuries latterly 'The Skep' a private school until the early 1940s. This plaque commemorates the 50th anniversary of the first mass Nov. 8 1942

Holy Family Church Hall, Limpsfield Road, Sanderstead, United Kingdom

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From this house Gardner's Pleasure Resort operated c 1893-1931

Gardeners Tea Rooms, 23 Godstone Road, Kenley, United Kingdom

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Here was Eothen School founded Jan 18 1892 by Miss Pye and her sister Miss Winifred

Site of Eothen School, 2 West View, Harestone Hill, Caterham, United Kingdom

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Site of Rose Cottage 1842-19931995

'Rose Cottage', 75 Godstone Road, Whyteleafe, United Kingdom

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Gordon Pirie 1931-1991 South London Harriers and Coulsdon resident held 5 world records including the 4 x 1500m relay with local athlete Ralph Dunkley. Gordon also won 5000m Olympic silver Melbourne 1956

Coulsdon Comrades Club, 194 Brighton Road, Coulsdon, United Kingdom

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C. W. Cox manufactured "Winner" brand bicycles at these premises c. 1895

C.W.Cox Bicycles, Park Road, Caterham, United Kingdom

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Unveiled Nov. 2nd 1997 to celebrate the centernary of the Chipstead Valley Railway Nov. 1st 1897

Kingswood Railway Station, Kingswood, United Kingdom

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This building was the Kenley stationmaster's house erected 1856

Kenley Railway Station, Kenley, United Kingdom

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1907-2007 Jolly Farmers. This building replaced the earlier wooden beer house built at least forty years before. Sometime called Hammer & Clink after a blacksmiths behind it

Jolly Farmers, Purley, United Kingdom

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Near this site runs the subterranean Bourne or Woe Water which floods part of the Purley, Caterham & Coulsdon valleys traditionally every seven years and foretells national disaster!

Jolly Farmers, Purley, United Kingdom

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Site of Chelsham bus garage opened 20 Jan 1925 by East Surrey Traction Co. Closed 29 Jun 1990 by London Transport. Last public service (route 196) 27 April 1990

Chelsham Sainsbury's, Chelsham, United Kingdom

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Triangle House. This building was the first shop in Whyteleafe. Originally Henry Clark, butcher. Trading began here in 1866

Triangle House, St Luke's Road, Whyteleafe, London, United Kingdom

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Commonweal Lodge founded in 1916 by Miss Margery Bray and Miss Elsie Bourne at the request of William Webb

Commonweal Lodge, Woodcote Village, Purley, United Kingdom

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This building was named by William Webb and opened as a temperance inn 1907

The Lord Roberts, Upper Woodcote Village, Purley, United Kingdom

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Coulsdon Church of England School on this site since 1845

Site of Bradmore C of E School, Old Coulsdon, London, United Kingdom

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Erected 1872 as a church in Clareville Rd. Moved here and used as a church school 1882. Remodelled and opened as a theatre and day centre 1977

The Miller Centre, Caterham Valley, Caterham, United Kingdom

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1856-2006 Caterham Station 150th anniversay. Opened 5th August 1856 at platform level. Present station opened 1st Jan 1900. Centenary celebrated 6th August 1956

Caterham Station, Caterham, United Kingdom

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Coulsdon Court. Manor house of the squires Byron 1851-1921

Coulsdon Court, Coulsdon, United Kingdom

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Erected to commemorate one hundred years of Coulsdon Station, opened October 1 1889 renamed Coulsdon & Cane Hill (Mar. 1896) then Coulsdon East (July 1923) and Coulsdon South (1 Aug. 1923)

Coulsdon South Railway Station, Brighton Rd, Coulsdon, London, United Kingdom

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Southern England's first public railway. The Croydon, Merstham & Godstone Railway. A horse drawn service carrying stone to Wandsworth ran across this site. Opened July 1805

Purley Library, Banstead Road, Purley, United Kingdom

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Commemorating the Convent of the Ladies of Mary, St Anne's College, on this site 1909-1980 Veritas omnia vincit

junction of Sanderstead Road and St. Mary's Road, Sanderstead, United Kingdom

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Here was a shop housing the Operations Room RAF Kenley. Battle of Britain Sept. 1940

Caterham Valley Computers, 11-13 Godstone Road, Caterham, United Kingdom

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Site of the Fire Engine House. The Caterham Fire Engine House stood on the site of this building and was in use from 1890 to 1928. The present building was constructed by McCarthy & Stone in 1998 to the plan of the Fire Engine House and incorporates many of the original materials.

Site of Fire House, High Street, Caterham, United Kingdom

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Edmund Byron donated this land for Smitham Bottom Infants School 1893-1932 later part of Smitham Primary School 1932-1991

Smitham Bottom Infants School, Coulsdon, United Kingdom