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Sir Henry Irving famous actor and impresario died here in the Midland Hotel, 13th October, 1905.

Cheapside, Bradford, United Kingdom

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On this site stood Holme Mill built in 1798 as the first steam powered mill in Bradford.

125 Thornton Road (Culture Fusion Building), Bradford, United Kingdom

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This building was once used as The Wool Exchange. Later it was used until 1887 as the Bradford Post Office.

1, Piccadilly, Bradford, United Kingdom

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The Wool Exchange built in 1867 to the design of Architects Lockwood and Mawson. This was the site of the old Market House built by Benjamin Pawson in 1799 which became an extension of the Piece Hall in 1824.

Wool Exchange, Bank Street, Bradford, United Kingdom

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Near here stood the Old Manor House built in 1678 by the Marsden family, then Lords of the Manor of Bradford.

High Point Building, Westgate, Bradford, United Kingdom

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This building, constructed in 1877 to the design of the Bradford architects Andrews and Pepper was originally the offices of the Board of Guardians.

The Register Office, 22 Manor Row, Bradford, United Kingdom

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On this site stood the old Theatre Royal opened 1841 closed 1867.

8, Duke Street, Bradford, United Kingdom

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This building of 1855 was adopted for wool warehousing and occupied in 1898 by Rogerson and Company who became the worlds biggest distributor of soda treated cotton.

47, Well Street, Bradford, United Kingdom

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This building was formerly the offices of the Bradford Canal Company. This canal was opened in 1774 as a branch of the Leeds-Liverpool canal and was the main means of transporting the city's products until the railway arrived in 1846. Following decline the canal finally closed in 1922.

30, Manor Row, Bradford, United Kingdom

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This building York House was built as a Gentlemen's Club in 1866 to the design of the Architects Lockwood and Mawason.

Corner of Manor Row and Upper Piccadilly, Bradford, United Kingdom

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It was in this building, founded by Tom Laycock in 1867 as Laycock's Temperance Hotel, that the Bradford Independent Labour Party was formed in 1891. This paved the way for the birth of the Independent Labour Party, in Bradford two years later. Laycocks became famous as 'The Bradford Parliament' - a public debating place.

Albion Court, Bradford, United Kingdom

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This building of 1873 was built for S.L. Behrens & Company. The warehouse closed in 1877 with the collapse of the German piece goods trade.

26, East Parade, Bradford, United Kingdom

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This building was constructed in 1871 as the warehouse of Heugh, Dunlop & Company, a company with the Scottish partners of John Heugh of Manchester and Walter Dunlop of Bingley.

Corner of East Parade and Peckover Street, Bradford, United Kingdom

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This building, Caspian House, was built in 1873 as the warehouse of D. Delius and Company. The senior partner in the business was the father of the composer Frederick Delius.

61, East Parade, Bradford, United Kingdom

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This building of 1871 was built for Thornton, Homan and Company, a firm trading with America and China on a large scale in dress fabrics.

62, Vicar Lane, Bradford, United Kingdom

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A Quaker School for boys was founded in Bradford in 1830 and was held in a room over a Malt Kiln in Fawcett Row. A girls school was founded soon after but the wish to provide education for juniors led in 1832 to the construction of this building in which all three schools were housed.

30, Chapel Street, Bradford, United Kingdom

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St. George's Hall. Designed by Lockwood and Mawson and built in 1853 for public meetings, concerts and lectures. Palmerston and Dickens spoke here.

Hall Ings, Bradford, United Kingdom

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Near this site stood the Manor Hall built in 1705 by the Rawson family who became Lords of the Manor of Bradford in 1795. It was demolished in 1870 to make way for the former Kirkgate Market.

Kirkgate Centre, Kirkgate, Bradford, United Kingdom

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This is the site of the Butter Market which stood at the entrance to the former Green Market.

11, Darley Street, Bradford, United Kingdom

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Near here stood Thompson's Mill built in 1803 by Benjamin Peile, great uncle of M.W. Thompson Lord Mayor of Bradford 1862-63 and 1871-73. Thompson presented the city with its mace and a 586 piece silver service and entered Parliament in 1876.

Sunbridge Road, Bradford, United Kingdom

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The Bradford Library and Literary Society took over this building in 1854. It had been built in 1827 as the Bradford Dispensary.

34, Darley Street, Bradford, United Kingdom

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This area, known as Little Germany was the centre of textile warehousing in late C19th, Bradford.

Park House, 57-59, Well Street, Bradford, United Kingdom

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The Sion Baptist Chapel was built in 1873 on the proceeds of the sale of the first Sion Chapel which was demolished in that year to make space for the Exchange Railway Station.

Gurdwara, Green Street, Bradford, United Kingdom

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On this site stood the Eastbrook Chapel a christian meeting place opened in 1825 with seating for 1500.

Leeds Road, Bradford, United Kingdom

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Near this site stood Bradford Piece Hall built in 1773 and used for the sale of cloth.

Bank Street, Bradford, United Kingdom

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Manningham Mills Strike Centenary 1890 1990. At this place in December 1890, began the Manningham Mills Strike, which lasted until April 1891. This led to the founding of the Bradford Labour Union which in turn saw the formation of the national Independent Labour Party in Bradford three years later.

Corner of Lilycroft Road and Heaton Road, Manningham, Bradford, United Kingdom

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This building is a typical 19th. century Public House, dating from 1825.

Shoulder of Mutton, 28, Kirkgate, Bradford, United Kingdom