Bridgwater and District Civic Society

The Society was founded 1972, at the instigation of the then Borough Mayor, Councillor Irene Tester.
The Society is a Registered Charity, No 265031, the Objects of which are: To stimulate public interest in the borough and rural district of Bridgwater To promote high standards of planning and architecture of the area of benefit To secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic or public interest in the area of benefit.

Lessees John Wyatte 1570 Thomas Glasse, Husbandman 1604 Joseph Greenway, Merchant 1711 Richard Codrington, Gentleman 1733 Robert Gillo, Photographer 1871 York & Son, Lantern Slide Manufacturers 1884

32 Friarn Street, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

Bond Street is named after the Georgian distillery. Its stores for wine and spirits were alongside, and within the mediaeval castle.

Bond Street, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

Under this building lie the foundations of a tower of Bridgwater Castle. William Briwere, a loyal subject of King John, built the Castle between 1200 and 1215 AD. The Castle protected the strategic river crossing. From here was administered the manor of Bridgwater.

Homecastle House, Chandos Street, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

The Court House Constructed 1859 Court Street opposite was formerly Coffee House Lane

Court House, Queen Street, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

The masonry below represents a mediaeval stone wall between two timber-framed buildings. The stone moulding supported supported a wooden jetty that protruded over the street.

High Street, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

Horsepond Lane, the Wayhure of 1268, the oldest recorded named street of Bridgwater

Horsepond Lane, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

The Lytil Mill The site of the Town's Domesday manorial mill. It survived as a grain mill through the centuries. The Mill extended for several bays to the south of Durleigh Brook. It was converted in the late 19th century and ended its commercial life as a sawmill.

Lytil Mill, Blake Street, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

Here stood the South Gate

South Gate, St Mary Street, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

Nearby stood the West Gate

33 Penel Orlieu, West Gate, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

The Rt. Hon. The Lord King of Bridgwater CH lived here from 1970-2001.

15 Friarn Street, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

Britain's First Arts Centre to open with Arts Council support 10th October 1946

Arts Centre, Castle Street, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

Three Houses by B. Holloway and J. Hutt constructed 1726-1728.

Chandos Street, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

The Lions House. Built by Benjamin Holloway for his own occupation circa 1725. Later occupied by some Mayors of the Borough.

The Lions House, West Quay, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

Nearby stood The North Gate, demolished 1798. This crescent of artisan houses was constructed circa 1810 and converted to offices in the 1970s.

Northgate & Angel Crescent, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

Silver Street Was known in the fourteenth century as "The Way from the Church to the House of the Friars minor", wherein dwelt Franciscan friars until dissolution in 1538. The doorway adjacent and the walls here may have been built from materials recovered from the ruined Friary.

6 Silver Street, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

Water Gate used for bringing goods into & out of the castle from circa 1200.

The Water Gate, West Quay, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

Unitarian Chapel The oldest Nonconformist building in Bridgwater Built 1688. Re-built 1788. Restored 1988. Reverend John Norman, ejected from the Parish Church in 1662, a former protege of Admiral Robert Blake, founded the congregation with his friends and followers. The first Sunday school in the town was established here during the ministry of Reverend Thomas Watson (1755-1793).

Unitarian Chapel, Dampiet St, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

Here stood the East Gate. The land nearby was occupied by the Master and brethren of the Hospital of St John the Baptist, founded 1216, attacked by the townspeople 1381, dissolved 1538.

The East Gate, Cobblestones, Eastover, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

To commemorate John Biffen Lord Biffen of Tanat 1930-2007 William John Biffen, the son of a tenant farmer, lived at Hill Farm, Otterhampton. He attended Otterhampton Village School, Combwich; Dr. Morgan's Grammar School, Bridgwater; and Jesus College Cambridge, where he gained a first in History. He became Member of Parliament for Oswestry in 1961 and remained a Shropshire M.P. until 1997 when he was given a life peerage. He was Chief Secretary to the Treasury in 1979, Trade Secretary in 1981, and Leader of the House of Commons from 1982 until 1987.

Otterhampton Village Hall, Combwich, United Kingdom

Enmore School Founded 1810 by the Rev. John Poole. Enmore School was one of the first Church of England schools in the country.

Enmore School, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

Here stood Georges Inn first mentioned in 1380. It was Bridgwater's principal mediaeval inn.

Georges Inn, 34 St Mary St, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

In Clare Street, once called Horlokesstrete, Isolda Parewastel dwelt between 1321 and 1368. She was a pilgrim in Jerusalem in 1365; there was captured, tortured; she escaped to return to Bridgwater through France.

Clare St, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

Thompson Brothers Ironmongers Established 1797 Trading at Cornhill 1797-1956 Market Street 1956-1982 Mount Street 1982

Thompson Brothers, Mount Street, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

Beneath this ground lie the remains of the Franciscan Friary built here 1245, dissolved 1538. A place of peace, prayer and learning

Friarn Avenue, Bridgwater, United Kingdom

CROWPILL COAL YARD On a two hectare site behind this wall lay the 1871 coal yard of SULLY & COMPANY Their ships brought coal from South Wales and from mines they owned in the Forest of Dean, it was distributed throughout the south-west in their own railway wagons. Redeveloped for housing in 1995 the yard, designed and built with mixed gauge railway track, was the last remaining site of Brunel's broad gauge. The Sully family was prominent in the public life of the town and county.

1 Bell Close, Bridgwater, United Kingdom