British Comedy Society

The Society originated in the front room of the Gatenbys’ humble Highgate home in May 1991 when, in a discussion about Peter Sellers, it emerged that he had lived as a boy almost on our doorstep, in a cottage in Muswell Hill Road in fact, and had attended the nearby St Aloysius’ Roman Catholic College for some years. The possibility of a statue of the great Goon was considered but rejected in favour of a less expensive option, namely a plaque on the wall of the said cottage. The idea of a money-raising event around the unveiling of a plaque was conceived there and then, and it was decided that if it were successful we could continue to honour more late comedians, and form a society called perhaps “The Dead Comics Society”. The name stuck, the motto was drafted and we were up and running.

Kenneth Williams 1926-1988 Comedy actor and raconteur lived at Marlborough House near this site 1972-1988

Diorama Theatre, Triton Square, London, United Kingdom

Sid James 1913-1976 Comic Actor Lived here 1956 - 1963

Gunnersbury Drive, Ealing, London, United Kingdom

Palace Theatre Manchester A Home of British Comedy

Portland Street, Manchester, United Kingdom

Graham Chapman "A very naughty boy" 8 January 1941 to 4 October 1989 Comedian and writer Member of Monty Python's Flying Circus Drank here often and copiously

The Angel Inn, 37 Highgate High Street, N6 5JT, London, United Kingdom

Harry Worth Comedian 20 November 1917 to 20 July 1989 Born in this house and lived here until 1928

47 Fitzwilliam Street, Hoyland Common, Barnsley, United Kingdom

Kenny Everett 25 December 1944 to 4 April 1995 Revolutionary broadcaster and entertainer Lived here from 1981 to 1995

91 Lexham Gardens, Kensington, London, United Kingdom

Richard Briers CBE 1934 to 2013 actor lived here from 1940 to 1947

Pepys Court, Worple Road, Raynes Park, London, United Kingdom