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1939-1945 On the night of December 15th 1940 this lock was severely damaged by enemy action during an air raid on the city This plaque is dedicated to the workforce of the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation Company who stove to keep the waterway open under hazardous and extremely difficult conditions throughout the war

Tinsley Flight - Lock No 5, Sheffield & Tinsley Canal, Sheffield, United Kingdom

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Thomas Bradley (1733-1833) The Grave of Thomas Bradley who probably designed Square Chapel at the age of eighteen in 1772. He was also involved in the construction of the Piece Hall. Engineer to the Calder and Hebble Navigation Company.

Square Capel, Square Road, Halifax, United Kingdom

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Author L. T. C. (Tom) Rolt 1910-1974 wrote his most influential book Narrow Boat whilst living on board Shroppie fly-boat Cressy adapted for him at Tooleys Boatyard nearby. This book, which tells of his 1939 cruise around the decaying canals inspired the founding of the Inland Waterways Association which for over fifty years has campaigned for the preservation and restoration of our many waterways for all to enjoy. 27th July 1999 The sixtieth anniversary of his departure from Banbury

Tom Rolt Bridge - Oxford Canal, Banbury, United Kingdom

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Thomas Telford 1757-1834 whose skills ensured the completion of the Diggle Flight and Standedge Tunnel

Entrance to Standedge Tunnel, Diggle, United Kingdom

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Ted Keaveney 1923-2002 He campaigned tirelessly for the restoration of the Cheshire Ring when the canal between Marple and Manchester was derelict. Today it is open throughout and enjoyed by all

Marple Junction, Marple Canal, Macclesfield, United Kingdom