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Near this spot stood the barn where 79 people (61 children and 27 adults) died in a fire during a puppet show on 8th September 1727

Cuckolds Row, Burwell, United Kingdom

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Until the early 1900's stray animals were here impounded by the finder until redeemed on payment of a fine Pound Hill Also for many years the place where village fairs, markets and the Whitsun feast were held

Parsonage Lane, Burwell, United Kingdom

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The Sheep Wash Until compulsory dipping was introduced in 1905 sheep were washed here before being sheared or going to market

Weirs Drove, Burwell, United Kingdom

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Here was the entrance to Burwell station on the Cambridge to Mildenhall railway line L.N.E.R. 1884-1962

Station Gate, Burwell, United Kingdom

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This area is known as Jerusalem Gardens. Believed to have been a Jewish burial ground in the reign of Henry II.

52 North Street, Burwell, United Kingdom