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Dr. Jan Ingen Housz 1730-1799 The Dutch physician and scientist discovered photosynthesis in 1779. He died at Bowood and is buried in St. Mary's church

Church Street, Calne, United Kingdom

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge The poet live here from 1814-1816 whilst writing his celebrated Biographia Literaria

Church Street, Calne, United Kingdom

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Wool trade workshop For centuries, fulling and cloth mills, and cloth workshops such as this one, prospered in Calne.

The Green, Calne, United Kingdom

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Proclamation Steps From time immemorial Royal Proclamations have been read to the townspeople from these steps.

Mill Street, Calne, United Kingdom

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Buckeridges Steps Opposite stood the stocks and the 17th century town hall

Curzon Street, Calne, United Kingdom

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The Wharf Opened in 1802, the Calne branch of the Wilts and Berks Canal from Stanley terminated here.

The Wharf, Calne, United Kingdom

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London to Bath Coach Road New Road was built in 1801 by Calne Turnpike Trust. The pump was used to lay the dust.

New Road, Calne, United Kingdom