Dr. Jan Ingen Housz 1730-1799 The Dutch physician and scientist discovered photosynthesis in 1779. He died at Bowood and is buried in St. Mary's church

Church Street, Calne, United Kingdom

Samuel Taylor Coleridge The poet live here from 1814-1816 whilst writing his celebrated Biographia Literaria

Church Street, Calne, United Kingdom

Wool trade workshop For centuries, fulling and cloth mills, and cloth workshops such as this one, prospered in Calne.

The Green, Calne, United Kingdom

Proclamation Steps From time immemorial Royal Proclamations have been read to the townspeople from these steps.

Mill Street, Calne, United Kingdom

Buckeridges Steps Opposite stood the stocks and the 17th century town hall

Curzon Street, Calne, United Kingdom

The Wharf Opened in 1802, the Calne branch of the Wilts and Berks Canal from Stanley terminated here.

The Wharf, Calne, United Kingdom

London to Bath Coach Road New Road was built in 1801 by Calne Turnpike Trust. The pump was used to lay the dust.

New Road, Calne, United Kingdom