Cambridge City Council

The Cambridge Blue Plaque scheme was set up to honour the most famous people or events associated with the city which have made a significant impact on life in the city or the region, the country or the world.
The scheme was launched in 2001 to coincide with the city’s octo-centenary.

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Oliver Cromwell 1599-1658 MP for Cambridge, Lord Protector of the British republic. At the Black Bear Inn, which stood on this site, Cromwell met with the Eastern Association to plan the Parliamentarian war effort in this region.

Market Passage, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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New Hall, a women's college of Cambridge University, was founded here in Silver Street in 1954, with two tutors and sixteen students. In 1964 the College moved to its permanent home in Huntingdon Road.

New Hall, Darwin College, Silver Street, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Archie Scott-Brown 1927-1958 International Racing Driver Lived at 163 Hills Road Despite severe disability he won many races in Lister Jaguar sports cars built in Cambridge by George Lister & Sons

163 Hills Road, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Henry Fawcett 1833-1884 Blinded aged 25 in a shooting accident Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge Liberal MP who promoted Women's Suffrage As Postmaster-General introduced parcel post, postal orders, telegrams and Post Office Savings

18 Brookside, Trumpington Road, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Sir Jack Hobbs 'The Master' 1882-1963 born Barnwell, Cambridge learned cricket on Parker's Piece, played for Cambs, Surrey & England, first professional to be knighted. 61,237 runs, 197 centuries in first class cricket. Played 61 test matches Cricketer,

Hobbs Pavilion, Parkers Piece, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Thomas Hobson 1544-1630 Carrier & stable keeper The most rested horse was Hobson's Choice - "that or none" The present Hobson House replaced a workhouse built by his charity

Hobson House, 44 St Andrews Street, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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David Gregory Marshall MBE 1873-1942 University caterer, sportsman, early pioneer of motoring and flying. Founder of Marshall of Cambridge This was the site of the Head Office from 1912 to 1939 and continued as a garage until 2000

17-22 Jesus Lane, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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John Maynard Keynes 1883-1946 Fellow and Bursar of King's College Economist, philosopher, businessman, civil servant and diplomat

Arts Theatre, Peas Hill, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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John Mortlock, 1755-1816 Draper, Banker, MP, Recorder and thirteen times Mayor; 'Master of the Town of Cambridge'

Barclays Bank, 15 Benet Street, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Stephen Perse MD 1548-1615 Fellow of Gonville & Caius, physician, financier and philanthropist. Founded by his will upon this site the Free Grammar School that later became the Perse School

Whipple Museum of Science, Free School Lane, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Gwen Raverat (nee Darwin) 1885-1957 Artist, illustrator, wood engraver and author of 'Period Piece': A Cambridge Childhood. Born and died here at Newnham Grange, the Darwin family home, now part of Darwin College

Darwin College, Silver Street, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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John Stevens Henslow, 1796-1861 Professor, churchman, botanist and geologist; founder of the Cambridge Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens, Bateman Street, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Sir Charles Villiers Stanford 1852-1924 Composer - Organist - Conductor Professor of Music Cambridge University Lived here 1884-1893

10 Harvey Road, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Sir Frank Whittle OM, KBE, CB, FRS 1907-1996 Jet propulsion pioneer. Pursued the development of his jet engine at the Cambridge University Department of Engineering.

University of Cambridge, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Ludwig Wittgenstein 1889-1951 philosopher - engineer - architect - artist. Lived here at 76 Storey's Way. 'Do not agree with me in particular opinions but investigate the matter in the right way. To notice the interesting things....that serve as keys if you use them properly'

76 Storeys Way, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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From January 1938 to November 1939 twenty-nine Basque Children, refugees from the Spanish Civil War, were cared for by local volunteers in this house provided by Jesus College

1 Station Road, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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DNA Double Helix 1953 'The secret of life'. For decades the Eagle was the local pub for scientists from the nearby Cavendish Laboratory. It was here on February 28th 1953 that Francis Crick and James Watson first announced their discovery of how DNA carries genetic information. Unveiled by James Watson 25th April 2003

The Eagle Public House, 8 Benet Street, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Charles Humfrey 1772-1848 architect, developer, banker and mayor. The Dull's Close houses and terraces in Maid's Causeway and Willow Walk are an enduring legacy to his native town.

22 Maids Causeway, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Site of the White Horse Inn Known as 'Little Germany' where Cambridge scholars debated the works of Martin Luther in the early sixteenth century a birthplace of the Reformation in England

Site of the White Horse Inn, Kings College, Kings Parade, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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Dr John Addenbrooke 1680-1719 Fellow of St Catherine's College by his will created 'a small, physical hospital in the town of Cambridge for poor people' one of the first voluntary hospitals in England. Addenbrooke's opened in Trumpington Street in 1766 and expanded on this site in the nineteen seventies as a major national teaching hospital

Judge Business School, Old Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, United Kingdom