Club 47. Here Joan Baez and Bob Dylan sang duets, Muddy Waters played the blues, and Tom Rush, the Charles River Valley Boys and Eric Von Schmidt led the 60s folk revival. 1958-1963

47 Palmer Street, Cambridge, MA, United States

Blue Anchor Tavern. Site of the famous tavern where Cambridge Selectmen met and the British General Burgoyne was briefly imprisoned in 1777. 1737-1837.

JFK Street, Cambridge, MA, United States

Prof. John Winthrop. The greatest American mathematician and philosopher of his time. A fellow of the Royal Society. Lived here from 1746 to 1779. 1714 - 1779.

Mt Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA, United States

James Walter Mullally Crossing On the evening of October 11, 1920, James Walter Mullally, a crossing tender on the Boston & Maine Railroad at the North Cambridge Station, which was located nearby, lost his life ina vain attempt to rescue the aged Mrs. Emma Osgood from an oncoming train. A fund of $10,000 was raised by public subscription for the support of his widow, Mrs. Annie Mullally, and to ensure the education of their five children. Mr. Mullally was posthumously awarded the Carnegie Medal for Heroism. Erected by order of the Cambridge City Council September 24, 1989 Cambridge Historical Commission

12 Cedar Street (in park adjacent) , Cambridge, MA, United States