Chard Town Hall. The Town Hall was built here in 1835 and held butchers shambles, prison cell and fire engine. The Corn Exchange at the rear was added in 1883

Chard Town Hall, Fore Street, Chard, United Kingdom

Glebeland. Home of Dr. R.A.Fawcus for 50 years. Beloved Physician and Friend Freeman of Chard.

Glebeland, Holyrood Street, Chard, United Kingdom

High Street School. Site of the Non-Conformist British School built 1854 and enlarged by the school board 1870. A junior school 1925-1960. Margaret Bondfield was a pupil here.

Helliers Road, Chard, United Kingdom

Harveys Homes. Richard Harvey merchant of Exeter. By his will dated 1663 left this property, rebuilt in 1842, for the use as a hospital for the residents of Chard, the place of his birth.

Harveys, High Street, Chard, United Kingdom