Cinema Theatre Association

CTA are dedicated to cinema history – not the films, but the buildings they were and are shown in. Many of them are film buffs, of course, but what unites them is a fascination with the architecture, design and commercial history of cinema exhibition. The Cinema Theatre Association was founded in 1967 by journalist Eric George, who wanted to draw attention to the magnificent "cinema theatre" movie palaces of the Twenties and Thirties that were beginning to disappear from our towns and cities.

The Regent Cinema 1921-1973

129 North Street, Brighton, United Kingdom

Davis' Theatre 1928-1959. This building is all that remains of the Davis' Theatre, a magnificent duel purpose cinema and theatre designed in contemporary French decorative style by the eminent architect Robert Cromie. It held an audience of more than 3,700, the largest cinema in England at the time. Amongst the many spectacular presentations was the Bolshoi Ballet, who performed here in 1957

South End by Robert Street, Croydon, United Kingdom