Heritage plaque piccadilly park ordnance survey stone london ontario canada
PICCADILLY PARK. This Ordnance Survey stone marks the north-east corner of the former Military Lands where units of the British Garrisons were stationed between 1838 and 1868. In 1873 the Ordnance Lands became the property of the municipality and Victoria Park was created in the area to the south of Central Avenue. The Fair Grounds occupied the northern section until moving to the Queen's Park site in 1887. Carling's Creek, which flowed to the west below this point, was dammed to form Lake Horn.

Piccadilly Park, London, ON, Canada

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London Bridge Rebuilt 1967-1973 by the Corporation of London from Bridge House Estates funds

London Bridge, Southwark, London, United Kingdom

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Hill Garden Shelter. This shelter was built by Lord Leverhulme as part of the Hill Garden and Pergola development (1905 - 25). It was used in conjunction with a tennis court which was located where the pond, built by the London County Council in 1963, now stands.

Inverforth Close, London, United Kingdom