"Mr Sapsea's" house. "Edwin Drood". "Uncle Pumblechook's" premises. "Great Expectations"

High Street, Rochester, United Kingdom

College Gate formerly called "Cemetery Gate" and afterwards "Chertsey's Gate". Jasper's Gate House "Edwin Drood".

College Gate, High St, Rochester, United Kingdom

Restoration House Built in 1587, it is said that Charles II. stayed here on the night on 28th May 1660 at his Restoration. The "Satis House" of "Great Expectations".

Crow Lane, Rochester, United Kingdom

Site of Henry III Gate, demolished at the end of the 18th century.

St. Margarets St, Rochester, United Kingdom

The iron plate outside the footpath marks the spot where stood the last "Justice Tree" in the county. Pie powder courts were held here.

Bakers Walk, Rochester, United Kingdom

The Crown Inn Near here formerly stood this most famous of Rochester inns. Built before 1316 its landlord was Simon Potyn. Ann of Cleeves, Queen Mary Tudor, King Philip of Spain, Queen Elizabeth, and King Charles I. stayed here

Gundulph Sq, Rochester, United Kingdom

Above this modern underpinning are three courses and the core of the Roman wall, above that the Norman wall, and on the top the 13th century repair.

Castle Wall, Esplanade, Rochester, United Kingdom

Eastgate House Built by the Right Worshipful Sir Peter Buck 1590-1. "Westgate House" "Pickwick Papers". "The Nun's House" "Edwin Drood".

High Street, Rochester, United Kingdom