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Coles Corner. John, Thomas and Skelton Cole, described as silk mercers and hosiers etc. opened a store at No 4 Fargate in 1847. The business prospered and a large new drapery store was erected on this site in 1869 designed by local architects Flockton & Abbott. The pavement outside the store became known as 'Coles Corner' and for many generations became a favourite meeting place and landmark in the city. This tradition largely disappeared with the closing of the store in 1963 and its relocation in Barkers Pool.

Fargate, Sheffield, United Kingdom

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Samuel Plimsoll's House. Directly opposite this plaque was the childhood home of Samuel Plimsoll (1824-1898) who went on to achieve national renown in 1875 with the embodiment in law of the Uniform Loading Line (The Plimsoll Line). In the same year a new type of canvas sole with a rubber band was named 'Plimsoll' in his honour.

Regent St, Sheffield, United Kingdom

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Ebenezer Elliott the Corn Law Rhymer 1781-1849 lived here 1834-1841

22 Blake Grove Road, Upperthorpe, Sheffield, United Kingdom

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Norfolk Bridge erected A.D. 1856

Norfolk Bridge, Sheffield, United Kingdom