Colchester Civic Society

The Civic Society is keen to commemorate important people in the town and has been involved with the erection of blue plaques. and restoration of others plaques including one which commemorates John Ball, one of the leaders of the peasant’s revolt.

Frank daniell plaque
Frank Daniell artist & portrait painter 1866-1932 lived here and at 15A High Street

8 East Hill, Colchester, United Kingdom

Charles hadden spurgeon plaque
Charles Haddon Spurgeon 1834-1892 Preacher was converted in this chapel 6th January 1850

12a Artillery Street, Colchester, United Kingdom

Dr ruth bbuttplaquecudr
Dr Ruth Bensusan-Butt MD 1877-1957 pioneer in family medivine and social vare lived here 1915-1957

74 High Street, Colchester, United Kingdom

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Catharine Buchanan Alderton MBE JP 1869-1951 Suffragist and first woman to become Mayor of Colchester 1923-24 lived here

26 Cambridge Road, Colchester, United Kingdom