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Born at Worth and later living in Three Bridges Dame Caroline Haslett (1895-1957) Electrical Engineer became in 1924 the first director of the Electrical Association for Women

Haslett Avenue East, Three Bridges, Crawley, United Kingdom

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The first editor of 'Punch' Mark Lemon of Crawley 1809 - 1870 held editorial meetings here from 1858

The Square, Crawley, United Kingdom

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Part of the Montefiore country estate, Milton Mount Gardens were laid out in the mid-1880s by James Pulham (1845-1920). The artificial rocks are made of pulhamite

Milton Mount Avenue, Crawley, United Kingdom

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In the late 1930s and 1940s Sir Malcolm Campbell 1885-1948 world water speed record holder tested and developed Bluebird on this lake known locally as Campbell's lake

Tilgate Lake, Crawley, United Kingdom

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Here in the village inn quaker and prison reformer Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845) in September 1837 held 'a satisfactory reading with the people'

Ifield Street, Crawley, United Kingdom

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In Langley Lane, at his parents' house Little Balgair, now demolished, Frederick Knott (1916-2002) wrote 'Dial M For Murder'. After performances on television, and on London and Broadway stages, the play was filmed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1954

Ifield Green, Crawley, United Kingdom

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John Goepel (1906-1994) who named the streets of Crawley new town lived here

Little Crabtree, Crawley, United Kingdom

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In 1905-1906 Francis Thompson (1859-1907) poet and essayist lodged here.

Victoria Road, Crawley, United Kingdom

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On this site Sarah Robinson (1787-1875) quaker and education pioneer founded in 1827 a charity school for 80 boys and 40 girls. The school moved to a new site in 1955.

Victoria Mews, Crawley, United Kingdom

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The above sculpture 'Family Group', erected in 1959 as a symbol of Crawley new town, is by Sussex sculptor Richard Browne (1921-1990)

The Broadway, Crawley, United Kingdom

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John Leech (1817-1864) who in 1843-48 illustrated the Christmas stories of Charles Dickens lived here as a medical student from 1833

The Tree, 103 High Street, Crawley, United Kingdom

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Author of over 70 horror, crime and popular works of fiction Richard Marsh (1857-1915) lived here 1891-1910

New Street, Three Bridges, Crawley, United Kingdom