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The Toll House - 1804 one of six toll houses which exacted tolls on the roads out of Crieff until abolition by the 'Roads and Bridges Act' of 1878. At noon on 15 May 1879, to mark this abolition, a shot was ceremoniously fired from a window in each of the Crieff toll houses.

Perth Road, Crieff, United Kingdom

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'The Drummond Arms' Site of the Inn known as the 'Drummond of Perth's Arms'. Where 'Bonnie' Prince Charles Edward Stuart held his final was council in February 1746 before reviewing his army and marching north to eventual defeat at Culloden

James Square, Crieff, United Kingdom

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The Town Hall Erected, in 1850, on the site of the old Tolbooth of 1685, the basement was equipped with cells for miscreants. Once the courtroom for the town. It is recorded that "..Mony a bare-legged cateran did penance in the stocks o'Crieff"

E High Street, Crieff, United Kingdom