Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire CC will be erecting 12 plaques a year and are taking nominations for 2010 up to 31st January.

Jedidiah buxton blue plaque
Jedidiah Buxton 1707-1772 a self-taught mathematical genius. Addressed the Royal Society. Farm labourer and lifelong resident of Elmton

, Elmton, United Kingdom

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George Stephenson 1781-1848 engineer and railway pioneer lived at Tapton House, Chesterfield from 1838 until his death. Buried at Holy Trinity Church Chesterfield

Chesterfield Train Station, Chesterfield, United Kingdom

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Frances Bush 1845-1909 manufactured lace in Long Eaton as part of the internationally renowned lace industry. She is buried in Long Eaton Cemetery. Lived here 1907-1909

, Long Eaton, United Kingdom

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Lady Baden-Powell 1889-1977 World Chief Guide lived as a girl at West House in these grounds

Shentall Memorial Gardens, Rose Hill, Chesterfield, United Kingdom

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Richard Arkwright Junior 1755-1843 Shared in his father's cotton spinning mill innovations Lived at Lumford House following the construction of Lumford Mill in 1778 until 1792

Lumford House, Bakewell, United Kingdom

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Samuel Slater 1768-1835 father of the American Industrial Revolution. Emigrated, after apprenticeship in Jedidiah Strutt's cotton mills, with secrets of Richard Arkwright's water frame. Lived here 1768 to 1789

Sunnymount Cottage, Chevin Road, Belper, United Kingdom

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Sir Joseph Paxton 1803-1865 celebrated head gardener at Chatsworth, designer of London's Crystal Palace lived at Barbrook House in these grounds 1845 to 1865

Chatsworth Estate, Bakewell, United Kingdom

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John Smedley 1803-1874 textile entrepreneur and champion of hydrotherapy. This building was his principal hydropathic hotel established 1853

County Hall, Smedley Street, DE4 3AG , Matlock, United Kingdom

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Sir Nigel Gresley 1876-1941 pioneering railway engineer designed the Mallard and Flying Scotsman steam locomotives. Advanced the modernisation of Britain's railway network. Spent his childhood at this refectory.

Old Rectory, Ashby Road, Netherseal, United Kingdom

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Alison Uttley 1884-1976 author of The Country Child and Little Grey Rabbit born here and inspired by these surroundings

Castle Top Farm, Cromford, United Kingdom

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Sir Henry Royce 1861-1933 co-founder of Rolls-Royce lived here from 1908-1911

Quarndon House, The Common, Derby, United Kingdom

Blue plaque commemorating arthur lowe%27s birthplace
Arthur Lowe 1915-1982 Actor Captain Mainwaring in Dad's Army Born in this terrace

63 Kinder Road, Hayfield, United Kingdom

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Sir Joseph Whitworth 1803-1887 Engineer, Inventor and Innovator Established the British Standard Whitworth screw thread Served his apprenticeship here

Amber Mill, Oakerthorpe, United Kingdom

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George Herbert Lawrence 1888-1940 Industrialist and philanthropist Adopted Hathersage as his home and became a great benefactor funding numerous local buildings and projects Tragically killed in the Sheffield blitz whilst helping his workers

Main Street, Hathersage, United Kingdom