Dorothy Parker Society

The Dorothy Parker Society was founded in 1999. The Mission of the Society:
  1. To promote the work of Dorothy Parker;
  2. To introduce new readers to the work of Dorothy Parker;
  3. To expand the fan base of Dorothy Parker;
  4. To have as much fun as possible;
  5. To take part in service projects in the spirit of Dorothy Parker.
The Dorothy Parker Society has decided to be non-academic, although sharing the work of Parker scholars is encouraged. The Society does not have meetings, we have parties. There are no dues, membership fees or initiation ceremonies. Membership is open to the public.
More detailed information on this web page:

Dorothy Parker birthplace Site of the summer cottage of Dorothy Parker. Short story writer, critic and poet. Member of the Algonquin Round Table. Champion for social justice. Born here in West End, New Jersey August 22, 1893 is designated a Literary Landmark by Friends of Libraries U.S.A.

732 Ocean Avenue, West End, NJ, United States