Former Customs House Built in 1863 - 4 just before South Shields was declared a separate Customs port in 1865; designed by T.M. Clemence, architect and Borough Surveyor. The rear office extension was added in 1878, J.H. Morton, architect

Mill Dam, South Shields, South Shields, United Kingdom

Former Pilot Offices- For 320 years from 1536, Trinity House, Newcastle controlled the Tyne pilotage. Thereafter, pilots were directed by a new Authority on which they were represented. This house was the Pilot Offices from 1886 to 1980.

Green's Place, South Shields, United Kingdom

Old Town Hall- The only Market Place building to survive the 1941 blitz, it was erected in 1768 by the Dean and Chapter of Durham, and served as Town Hall until the New Town Hall was ppened in 1910. Restored in 1977.

Market Place, South Shields, United Kingdom

Tyne Port Health Authority- This Authority was established in January, 1879 to combat the danger of imported diseases following a tremendous growth of foreign - going shipping in the Tyne. It occupied this building from 1886, when it was built, until 1985.

Mill Dam, South Shields, United Kingdom

Volunteer Life Brigade House - The South Shields Brigade was formed in January 1866 to rescue mariners ship - wrecked on nearby shores. This Watch House, built 1867 and extended 1875, was restored by the Brigade and Tyne and Wear County Council in 1985.

South Pier, South Shields, United Kingdom

Pilot House- The Old Pilots House modernised in 1930 is still the office of the Tyne Pilots. Opposite the house is The Beacon which was erected in the late 18th century for the guidance of the local pilots.

Greens Place, South Shields, United Kingdom

Cleadon Grotto - An 18th Century garden ornament overlooking a formal pond originally in the grounds of Cleadon House. Repointed by the Borough of South Tyneside as a contribution to the Cleadon 800 festival in 1983.

Coulthard Park, Cleadon, United Kingdom

John S. Clarke (1885-1959) seaman, lion-tamer, Socialist pioneer, antiquary and Labour MP for Maryhill, Glasgow; was born in this street at number 66 on 4th February.

, Jarrow, United Kingdom