Fundacion Sevillana Endesa

Since inception the Sevillana Endesa Foundation maintains a strong commitment to society to promote social, cultural and artistic growth of Andalusia and Extremadura.
In December 1988, taking advantage of the legislative development for the promotion of cultural promotion activities by private initiative, which began in our country, this foundation is established with the objective of integrating and greater cohesion and coherence to programs sponsorship and patronage actions that the company was developing.
Thus, the Sevillana Endesa Foundation began operating non-profit oriented promotion of activities of general interest, which are identified primarily with artistic lighting projects, an area which has become a reference point nationally and internationally.
This Foundation is classified and registered as such by order of the Ministry of Culture of February 6, 1989.
The Sevillana Endesa Foundation has invested over 17 million euros to restore the confidence in the company Endesa.

El patronato del Real Alcazar y Casa Consistorial en agradecimiento a la Fundacion Sevillana Endesa por la iluminacion artistica realizada en el Patio de las Doncellas y en las fachadas del Patio de Banderas y del Palacio del Rey Don Pedro

Patio de la Monteria - Real Alcazar, Seville, Spain