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Samuel Sebastian Wesley (1810-76) This great church musician who lived here in Palace Yard was organist of Gloucester Cathedral from 1865 until his death. His best known anthem is "Blessed Be The God And Father".

Palace Yard, Gloucester, United Kingdom

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Whitefriar's Priory. Founded c. 1268 as a college of Carmelites and one of Gloucester's six medieval monasteries, stood here until its destruction in 1643 during the Civil War.

Bruton Way Car Park - Market Parade, Gloucester, United Kingdom

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The Old Crown Inn The inn first recorded nearby in 1460, came to prominence during the civil war siege of 1643 when Colonel Edward Massey, commander of the garrison defending Gloucester set up his headquarters here, the inn closed in 1760 but was re-established in 1990

The Old Crown - Westgate Street, Gloucester, United Kingdom

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Until 1957 here stood The Booth Hall mentioned in 1230, it served as Guildhall, Assize Court, Theatre, Concert Hall and finally cinema. Here Shakespeare probably acted, M.P's were elected and George Whitefield preached.

Shire Hall - Westgate Street, Gloucester, United Kingdom

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King Edward's Gate Gave entrance from the main street of mediaeval Gloucester to St. Peter's Abbey precinct. The body of King Edward II was here received by the Abbot for burial after the King's murder at Berkeley Castle in 1327.

King Edward's Gate - College Street, Gloucester, United Kingdom

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"A mediaeval gatehouse once marked the entrance to the precinct of the abbey and cathedral. These gates, planned as part of the commemoration of the 900th anniversary of the cathedral building, were erected in 1992 through the generosity of The Gloucester City Council and of Nuclear Electric PLC"

College Street, Gloucester, United Kingdom

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In this building, which incorporates a 12C Abbot's Lodging lived William Laud, Dean of Gloucester 1616-21, later to be Archbishop of Canterbury, accused of treason and beheaded on Tower Hill.

Church House - College Green, Gloucester, United Kingdom

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St. Mary's Gate (13th century) is the entrance to St. Peter's Abbey precinct whose wall can be seen to the left in St. Mary Street and in Three Cocks Lane to the right. Opposite, John Hooper, 2nd Bishop of Gloucester, was martyred in 1555 for his protestant faith.

St Mary's Gate - St Mary's Square, Gloucester, United Kingdom

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Between 1866 - 2003, this was the site of Fielding and Platt's Atlas Works. This world-renowned company was one of Gloucester's greatest engineering firms with over 600 employees in the early 1960s. It pioneered the manufacture of hydraulic machinery, produced Britain's first vacuum cleaner (1902) and the aluminium plate stretcher that helped to build Concorde (1963).

Gloucester Quays - High Orchard Street, Gloucester, United Kingdom

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The Old Crown Inn. A Crown Inn was first recorded early in 1460. In 1643, at the time of the English Civil War, the military governor of Gloucester, Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Massie, aged 23, set up his headquarters here. During the Siege of Gloucester the inn was fired on by Royalist troops based at Llanthony Secunda Priory. The city's small Parliamentarian garrison defended itself against Charles I's much larger army, changing the course of the war. The building continued to be used as an inn until 1760. Restored, it opened as a public house in 1990.

The Old Crown, Westgate Street, Gloucester, United Kingdom