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The Port of Gloucester The Gloucester and Cheltenham Tramroad (1811 - 1861) Through this gateway, the nine mile long tramroad entered the docks. Wagons carrying goods and minerals were pulled by horses along cast - iron rails having a gauge of 3ft. 6in. (1.1M). It was the first railway in the country authorised by Act of Parliament. The steam locomotive Royal William was tried in 1831 or 1832 but its weight broke the rails. This plaque was erected in 1991 by Gloucester Civic Trust and the Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology.

Gloucester Docks, Gloucester, United Kingdom

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The Atlas Bell This was the bell of the Atlas, launched in 1812, which made several voyages to India and China for the East India Company. After the ship was broken up in 1832 the bell was used here for signalling the dockers starting and finishing times. As a navigation aid in fog. Re-erected in 1986 by the Rotary Club of Gloucester and Gloucester Civic Trust.

Near the North Warehouse - Gloucester Docks, Gloucester, United Kingdom