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Dame Gracie Fields 1898 - 1979 9 Molesworth Street Gracie Fields was born 'Grace Stansfield' above the chip shop owned by her Grandmother, 'Chip Sarah', at 9 Molesworth Street on the 9th January 1898. The building has since been demolished

9 Molesworth Street, Rochdale, United Kingdom

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Dame Gracie Fields 1898 - 1979 site of the Old Circus and New Hippodrome Theatre Garcie Fields' first stage performance was a singing competition at the Old Circus on Newgate in 1905. The building was later replaced by the New Hippodrome Theatre, where Gracie's first professional performance took place, with her last appearance being in 1956. It is now the site of Newgate House

The Esplanade, Rochdale, United Kingdom

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Dame Gracie Fields 1898 - 1979 St Chad's Parish Church Gracie's parents, Jenny and Fred Stansfield, married at St Chad's Parish Church in 1897. Gracie Fields was also baptised as Grace Stansfiled here in 1898

Church Lane, Rochdale, United Kingdom