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"Mr Kernan turned and walked down the slope of Watling Street by the corner of the Guinness visitors waiting room" James Joyce Ulysses

Rupert Guinness Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

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No. 1 Thomas St in early maps this is referred to as the "dwelling house" and it was included in the original lease. Various members of the Guinness family lived here until 1855.

James' Gate, Dublin, Ireland

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The dwelling house of Arthur Guinness 1725 - 1803 Master Brewer and founder in 1759 of that company that bears his name

1 Thomas St, Dublin, Ireland

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St James's Gate 1555 One of old Dublin's outer defences crossed the street close to this spot. It was taken down at the end of the eighteenth century.

150 Thomas St, Dublin, Ireland

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St. Patrick's Tower built ca. 1757 in the yard behind this building stand the remains of the tallest Smock Windmill in Europe. The pear tree at its base dates from c. 1850.

151 Thomas St, Dublin, Ireland