H.G. Wells Society

The H.G. Wells Society, founded in 1960, is an international association composed of people interested in the life, work and thought of the British writer and thinker Herbert George Wells (1866–1946), and encouraging a wider interest in his writings and ideas. The Society has published a comprehensive bibliography of Wells's published works, and has printed the following other publications, several of which are works by Wells which had been hitherto out of print for many years.


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The writer H. G. Wells 1866-1946 lodged here when a teacher at Midhurst Grammar School 1883-4

North Street, Midhurst, United Kingdom

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H. G. Wells author 1866-1946 lived and worked here 1930-1936

Chiltern Court, Baker Street, London, United Kingdom

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The writer H. G. Wells 1866 – 1946 worked in this chemist shop in 1881 which he immortalised in 'Tono-Bungay'

Church Hill Dental Surgery, Church Hill, Midhurst, United Kingdom

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The writer H. G. Wells 1866 – 1946 attended Midhurst Grammar School as a pupil & teacher 1881, 1883-4

Capron House, Midhurst Grammar School, North Street, Midhurst, United Kingdom

Hg well plaque sevenoaks
H. G. Wells lived in this house in 1894 whilst writing The Time Machine

23 Eardley Road, Sevenoaks, United Kingdom