The former Coach and Horses Inn. This building dates back to the 16th century. In 1820 it was first recorded as Inn although it may have been used for this purpose earlier. It ceased to be used as a Public House in 1971. Built originally as an oak-framed building with wattle and daub walls with its first floor jettied out over the footpath, it was acquired by the Lutterworth Rural District Council in 1972. The restoration was planned in 1975 as the Harborough District Council's contribution to European Architectural Heritage Year and the conversion to two dwellings was completed in December 1976. The timbered property adjacent was also renovated by the Local Authority in 1968/69. This plaque was provided in 1977 by Harborough District Council. Commemorating the Silver Jubilee of the accession of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II

Church Street, Lutterworth, United Kingdom

Market Harborough. The repaving of the town centre was carried out in 1994-1995 as part of a project initiated by the Department of Transport following the opening in 1992 of the A6 Bypass

, Market Harborough, United Kingdom