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The Spotted Cow. On this site stood the Spotted Cow, popular as a beer house with the farmers attending the Corn Market. For many years it was kept by the Harrison family and eventually became a lodging house, often used by Irish farm workers until the 1960s. It was saved from demolition and is now restored as a private house.

, Howden, United Kingdom

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14, St John’s Street. This early 18th century house with its typically steep roofline is the oldest property in the street. From 1839 it was a solicitor's office, first of George England and then of successive generations of the Green family, who played an important part in Howdenshire's local government, acting as clerks to many public bodies until 1985.

14, St John’s Street, Howden, United Kingdom

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Slingfield Mill was built in 1864 by Thomas Lea. The architects were Lockwood and Mawson of Bradford, well known for their textile mills. The finest yarns for the carpet industry were spuin on machinery driven by a steam engine powered from boilers in the nearby boilerhouse with its square chimney. In 1920 Lea Ltd became part of Carpet Trades who sold it to Brintons in 1948. By the late 1980's yarn spinning had ceased and in 2003 the Mill became a retail outlet.

Slingfield Mill, Weavers Wharf, Kidderminster, United Kingdom

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Harveys Wine Vaults A few yards ahead of this spot under the Swan Centre are buried medieval vaults, which may have been the undercroft of a merchants cellars by the world renowned Bristol Sherry Company Harveys, which operated here for nearly 150 years until 1967. This was at the top of Swan Street formerly known as 'Behind the shops' which included three ancient pubs, The Fox, The Black Bull, and The Swan Hotel. They faced the rear of the High Street where the famous seventeenth century preacher Richard Baxter lived. This wa all removed to develop The Swan Centre in 1968.

Swan Shopping Centre, Coventry Street, Kidderminster, United Kingdom

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Celebrating 120 years of film in Sussex. "Electric Animated Photos" first shown in Worthing at the Pier Pavilion on 31st August 1896.

Pier, Worthing, United Kingdom

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Pete Robinson 1888-1921 drummer and band leader with The SSO lived here 1915-1917

8 Crewdson Road, the Oval, London, United Kingdom

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This plaque is to commemorate the unveiling of the world's first permanent projection onto a wall memorial by the Worshipful Mayor of Blackpool Cllr Mary Smith November 3rd 2008.

Cenotaph, Blackpool, United Kingdom

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Ina Lochhead McNeill MB., Ch.B (Glasgow) 1869 - 1949 lived here Appointed first woman surgeon to the Wolverhampton Women's Hospital in 1902

24 Tettenhall Rd, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom