Fairfield Works, Fairfield Road. The scene of the Match Girls Strike of 1888. Here Bryant and May manufactured matches from 1861 to 1979.

Fairfield Works, Fairfield Road, Bow, London, United Kingdom

129 Cadogan Terrace. A memorial to Thomas Briggs Esq. of Clapton who on Saturday 9th July 1864 was viciously assaulted near here on a North London railway train. Carried near to death into this public house he died at home later the same day. He was the first person to be murdered on a railway train.

Top O The Morning Pub, Cadogan Terrace, London, United Kingdom

215-217 Bow Road In the house that formerly stood on this site lived Edmond Lord Sheffield 1564–1646 who as captain of the Queen's ship "The White Bear" fought against the Armada of Spain in 1588.

215–217 Bow Road, Bow, E3, London, United Kingdom

30 Coborn Street. Here Doctor Barnardo first lodged on coming to London in 1866.

30 Coborn Street, London, United Kingdom