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In the courtyard at the rear of this building is the George-London's only galleried inn. Immortalized by Charles Dickens in "Little Dorrit"

73 Borough High Street, London, United Kingdom

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Borough Tube Station This was a station of the City and South London Railway that opened in 1890. The line was the world's first underground electric railway, London's first deep tunnel 'tube', and the first purpose-built railway tunnel under the Thames. In 1891 over 5 million passengers used the line. After reconstruction in 1922, the original entrance was relocated to its present corner site. During World War II a tube spur below was used as an air raid shelter for up to 14,000 persons.

Borough High Street, London, United Kingdom

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Historic Southwark Here was 'Stones End' where Town Street met the old Turnpike Road. One of the Parliamentary Forts erected to defend London during the Civil War stood here.

323 Borough High St, London, United Kingdom