Former parish lock up (The Kidcote) c. 1710

Tithe Barn Street, Horbury, United Kingdom

Home of John Carr, Architect (1723-1807) c. 1747

junction of Cluntergate with the Horbury bypass, Horbury, United Kingdom

Mission Church founded by Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould (1834-1924) Writer of "Onward Christian Soldiers" first sung Whitsuntide 1865

Bridge Street, Horbury, United Kingdom

Richard Sutcliffe mining engineer, pit sinker, inventor of the underground belt conveyor and founder in 1905 of Richard Sutcliffe Ltd, lived here 1905-1930

Daw Lane, Horbury, United Kingdom

Charles Roberts (1831-1892) founded his company Charles Roberts & co Ltd. on this site in 1873 for the manufacture of his patented wooden railway wagons. Railway carriages continued to be manufactured on this site by "Bombardier" until 2005. Churchill Tanks were also built here during World War II.

Horbury Junction Industrial Estate, Horbury, United Kingdom

Town School (1708-1886) and Old Union Sunday School (1986-1891)

Tithe Barn Street, Horbury, United Kingdom