Hull Civic Society

"From its inception in 1964, the Society has aimed to represent those who wish to make suggestions for improving the environment of our city – to make Hull a better place to live, work, play and invest.
Our early work was aimed at stopping the destruction of our old heritage buildings, particularly in the Old Town – today we are focussed on getting the best results for Hull’s built environment in these years of unprecedented regeneration of the city."

This Greek revival facade of 1833, designed by Henry R. Abraham (c.1803-77), once formed part of the Hull & East Riding School of Medicine & Anatomy. The school was founded in 1831 & closed in 1869. Restored by Beal Homes in 2003.

Kingston Square, Hull, United Kingdom

A Hull architect and city improver who was mayor of Hull for five years Alfred Gelder designed this house and lived here from 1888 to 1903

365 Holderness Road, Hull, United Kingdom

This 17th century "watchtower" marks the east point of Hull Citadel. Built 1681-90, the citadel was a massive triangular fort incorporating earlier defences alongside the river Hull. It was levelled in 1863-4

Victoria Dock, Hull, United Kingdom

A Hull industrialist who became Britain's chief maker and distributor of motion pictures, J Arthur Rank was born here on 22 December 1888

371 Holderness Road, Hull, United Kingdom

Here stood the tower of the Prudential Building [by Waterhouse and son] until destroyed in the 1941 May blitz when in two nights, 420 people were killed in Hull and 350 were badly injured

King Edward Street, Hull, United Kingdom