Hunstanton Civic Society

The Hunstanton Civic Society was founded in 2002 to preserve the heritage of the Victorian seaside town of Hunstanton and to help plan its future.

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Coastguard Lookout Royal observer post 1907 Coastguard service 1963-8

St Edmund's Point, Hunstanton, United Kingdom

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Lighthouse 1665-1921 World's first parabolic reflector 1776

Lighthouse Lane, Hunstanton, United Kingdom

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Town Hall opened for new Urban District Council 1896

Tourist Information / Town Hall - Greevegate, Hunstanton, United Kingdom

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1860 Girl's School 1890 Dominican Convent

Marine Bar, St. Edmund's Terrace, Hunstanton, United Kingdom

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The Lodge

Old Hunstanton, Hunstanton, United Kingdom