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Hillside. Charles Darwin & family stayed here (Wells Terrace) while awaiting the publication of 'On the Origin of Species' in autumn 1859. In the 20th century it became St Winifred's Maternity Home.

Crossbeck Road, Ilkley, United Kingdom

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Tower Court. Designed in the Gothic style by Thomas Healey as a National School, it opened in 1872. This became All Saints' C of E Primary School. The school relocated in 2002. The building was converted to town houses in 2004.

Tower Court apartments, Ilkley, United Kingdom

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The Manor House. Originating in the 14th century and formerly known as The Castle, this mainly 17th century house was built on the remains of the Roman Fort. By 1804 it was divided into cottages. In 1955 it was saved from demolition when Percy Dalton donated it to the community. It was converted into the Art Gallery and Museum in 1961.

The Manor House Museum, Castle Yard, Ilkley, United Kingdom

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Pinfold. Ilkley's pound for stray livestock, re-sited here c 1869.

Pinfold, Bridge Lane, Ilkley, United Kingdom

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Ilkley Playhouse. Designed by Thomas Clarke of Bradford and Ilkley, it opened in 1876 as the Working Men's Club and Lecture Hall. After 17 years it was sold to the Liberal Association, who later rented the upstairs room to the Ilkley Players. In 1960 the building was bought by the Playhouse and has since been extended.

Ilkley Playhouse, Weston Road, Ilkley, United Kingdom

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Crescent Hotel opened in 1861 as a commercial hotel with 30 bedrooms and stabling for 20 horses

Crescent Hotel, corner of Leeds Road and Brook Street, Ilkley, United Kingdom

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Wells House Designed by Cuthbert Brodrick, the celebrate architect of Leeds Town Hall. Landscaped by Joshua Major. Opened in 1856 as a Hydro, offering water treatments and pure Ilkley air. In 1859, Charles Darwin was a patient. In 1954 became The College of Housecraft. Restored as apartments by Magellan Properties Ltd in 2003.

Wells House, Ilkley, United Kingdom

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Ilkley Railway Station. Opened in 1865, the Otley & Ilkley Joint Railway helped Ilkley's growth as a tourist and dormitory town. The line extended to Skipton from 1888 until 1965. A public campaign saved the railway to Leeds and Bradford.

Station Road, Ilkley, United Kingdom

Deaconess court plaque
Deaconess Court built in 1869 to designs of T. C. Hope as Ilkley College, a boys' boarding school. In 1902 it became a college for the Wesleyan Deaconess Order, whose founder, the Rev. Thomas Bowman Stephenson, was the first warden. After 1968 it became apartments.

Deaconess Court, Queen's Rd, Ilkley, United Kingdom

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Grove Square. Built as St. Margaret's Hall in 1889 to the designs of Ilkley architects J & E Critchley. It provided a meeting place in the town centre for St. Margaret's Church. By the 1970s it was a Youth Centre. It then became a health club until converted to apartments in 2006.

Grove Square, Ilkley, United Kingdom

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Chapel House. Built in 1903 as the Wesleyan Assembly Hall. From 1969 until 1985 it served as the Ilkley Methodist Church. It was converted to apartments in 1987.

Wells Promenade, Ilkley, United Kingdom

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The Town Hall. Designed by William Bakewell of Leeds, the Town Hall, with the adjoining Free Library and Assembly Hall, was built between 1906 and 1908 for Ilkley Urban District Council, formed in 1894. The Carnegie Trust paid for the Library. The Winter Garden was added in 1912.

Station Road, Ilkley, United Kingdom

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Grove House. Opened in 1862 by the Ilkley Bath Charity it became Yorkshire's first convalescent hospital. In World War I it served as a military hospital, then as the Grove Convalescent Hospital. The Abbeyfield Extra Care home opened here in 2004.

Riddings Road, Ilkley, United Kingdom

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Old Grammar School. Fourteen townsmen contributed to the cost of this building, opened in 1637. The school continued here until 1872. A new Grammar School building opened on Cowpasture Road in 1893.

Skipton Road, Ilkley, United Kingdom

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Drill Hall. Built 1911 for Territorials 4th West Riding Howitzer Brigade. WWII Home Guard HQ. Business Centre 1991.

Leeds Road, Ilkley, United Kingdom

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Old Wesleyan Chapel. Built in 1834, a chapel until 1869. Ilkley's first museum 1882-1908, opened by Rev. Robert Collyer. A garage since 1914.

Bolton Bridge Road, Ilkley, United Kingdom