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Robert Burns lodged here 1781 - 1782

4 Glasgow Vennel, Ayrshire, KA12 0BD, Irvine, United Kingdom

Drukken cairn plaque
Eglinton Woods Drukken Steps (St. Bryde's Well) favourite walk (1781-82) of Robert Burns and his sailor friend Richard Brown. "Do you recollect a Sunday we spent together in Eglinton Woods?" R.B. Edinburgh 30th Dec. 1787

Drukken Cairn was near the Drukken Steps / Saint Bryde's Well, relocated in 1976 to McKinnon Terrace, Ayrshire, KA12, Irvine, United Kingdom

Placque at seagate castle, irvine
Seagate Castle Treaty of Irvine signed in the old castle 9th July 1297. Mary Queen of Scots, with her "four Maries" Mary Beaton, Mary Seaton, Mary Fleming & Mary Livingstone visited the castle, 1st August 1563 and was entertained by Hugh, 3rd Earl of Eglinton, one of her most faithful adherents. "I was the Queen o' bonnie France and I'm the sovereign of Scotland."

Seagate, Ayrshire, KA12 8RE, Irvine, United Kingdom