Dubreuil Concession and Levee. Joseph Villars Dubreuil settled here in 1719. He became a pioneer in agriculture and wealthy entrepreneur. Nearby he built the first plantation levee. It led to the creation in 1924 of the Mississippi River's original levee system. Sponsored by the Jefferson Parish Historical Commission. 2012.

1516 Jefferson Hwy, Jefferson Parish, United States

City of Metairie Ridge. A 12-square-mile area incorporated as a village in June 1927 and as a city one month later. Charles P. Aicklen, Sr., mayor, introduced natural gas service, July 1928. Gambling was flourishing but was outlawed within the city limits. Incorporation declared illegal by La. Supreme Court in Nov. 1928 through suit backed by casino owners. Sponsored by the Jefferson Parish Historical Commission. 2013.

Corner of Metairie Road and the 17th Street Canal, Metairie, LA, United States

Chartier Concession. Pierre Chartier de Baulne, French Louisiana attorney general in 1719, held the earliest land grant at the former village of the Colapissas on Chapitoulas (Metairie) Road. His family first colonists to live nearby. Erected by Jefferson Parish Historical Commission.

Metairie Road at Bamboo Road, New Orleans, LA, United States