This building was opened in 1907 as the Leoline Jenkins Laboratories, one of the first college chemistry laboratories at the University of Oxford. Under the leadership of Dr D.L. Chapman (Fellow 1907-44) it was distinguished for its teaching and research and, during the Second World War, it hosted secret atomic research codenamed the Tube Alloys project. The Laboratories closed in 1947.

Jesus College, Turl Street, Oxford, United Kingdom

David Lewis 1515-1584: brodor o'r Fenni, Pennaeth cyntaf Coleg Iesu, Rhydychen 1571-72 a Barnwr y Morlys, bu farw ar 27 Ebrill 1584, gosodwyd gan y Coleg a'i gyn-aelodau 2016 - Gobanniensis, primus Principalis Collegii Ihesu Oxoniae MDLXXI-MDLXXII et Iudex Curiae Admirallitatis, hoc Collegium et alumni posuerunt MMXVI - a native of Abergavenny, first Principal of Jesus College, Oxford 1571-72 and Judge of the Admirality, he died on 27 April 1584, erected by Jesus College and alumni 2016

St Mary's Priory, Monk Street, Abergavenny, United Kingdom