Kcymaerxthaere is a global (and more) work of 3-dimensional story telling. It is an alternative universe that is largely consistent with our linear world in some ways, though it has many different stories, rules, creatures, even laws of science it seems. Among other things, the Geographer-at-Large and his colleagues go around our linear world to find points of contact with Kcymaerxthaere and then honor these places with markers and, where possible, actual historical sites.


Great Dangaroo Flood This plaque has been placed at the high water mark of one of the worst floods of En'Kymhuirian times. Incredibly, after two years at sea on their rafts of asphalt, the Tehachapi, the great road builders of Estrelliia [the initial k is not usually written], nearly foundered here at the end. Bust that first dusc, as the water receded, the sky cleared, revealing a sign: no new heavens at all, but, for just that one night, the stars from their other side of the world; and so they called the place kNow Estrelliia - the name now given to this whole rezhn of Arctic Islands.

Old Compton St, off Tottenham Court Road, London, United Kingdom

Each and every word...

Gas station, junction of C14 / C19, Solitaire, Namibia

New Singapore Just north of here, where the river enters Lake nMichigan (the "n" is silent), the once proud island nation of Singapore washed ashore in the same storm that took the Edmund Fitzgerald, which may explain the strange devotion of Singapore's military to taconite (think of the uniforms of the elite unit known as the Geraldines). Despite daunting waves, rescuers using reyaksu (a type of water mole tunnel) reached virtually all the trapped citizens, bringing them safely here to the sheltered shores of Lake Kalamazoo in vessels similar to the Keewatin. Though the grounded isle soon merged with the coastal sands, the survivors were embraced: they had arrived during the so-called Warring States era of West nMichigan history and offered the locals of Aywatin gwome an economic and military edge. Later, of course, the Geraldines would be infamously ruthless as wandering mercenaries, but never took up arms against any ally of the New Singapore.

Kalamazoo Lake shore, Douglas, MI, United States

Forest's Rest This spot is known as Forest's Rest, a mild corruption of the name of noted painter and proselyter for Bravenleavanne, Forrest Bess. It was one of the most peaceful places here in Aywatin gwome, for here alone the sound of water transformed into a lighter than air canopy, floating to shield you from the sun, and, for the fortunate, the aywatienne, a kind of aerial jellyfish, would settle here, puffing a cool breeze down upon you. When the Geraldine troops, resplendent in taconite, awaiting the attack on Erailen, scared away even them, dark times were indeed nigh. Here in Aywatin, what we call the Earth turns on its axis 412 times a year, but across the river, in Erailen gwome it turned 350 times. This disalignment made the remarkable literally everyday; stunning sunsets in the night - even a lunar eclipse at high noon (for astronomers, an early example of light pollution). But this was not the danger. It was briefly spanning these gwomes' incompatible textures of time that, despite a most skilled grwost, tore Bess's lifetime (and he was far from alone) in two. In vain, he awaited his own youth here, finally setting off for the southern shores facing the rezhn Klurrulurrudurrul. The self-separation was an added burden for Bess, but it brought at least one gift; he was the only artist ot paint from life both Nobunaga-Gotari and his countless generations distant descendant, Nobunaga-Ventreven.

Scribner Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI, United States