King Henry VIII Endowed Trust Warwick

The King Henry VIII Endowed Trust makes grants from the Town's Share of its income to help the community in the area of the Old Borough of Warwick, and was founded by Letters Patent dated 15th May 1545.
The Trust can make grants for the following purposes if for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Town:
For the repair of historic buildings in the Town. For the relief of the elderly, infirm and needy inhabitants of the Town. For the improvement of social welfare, recreation and leisure facilities of the Town. For the support of educational facilities within the Town. The Trustees have only limited powers to make grants for projects for which central or local government has a financial responsibility.
Grants are available to:
Individuals resident in the Town or Officers of organisations within the Town for the benefit of inhabitants of the Town. In the case of educational projects being provided by organisations for Warwick Town LEA Schools, the Trust requires that application for grant shall be submitted by the recipient schools, and not by the provider of the educational projects.

Warwick 1100 Years 914 2014 Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians and daughter of King Alfred the Great, founded a fortress at 'Waeringwicum' in AD 914 which grew into the town of Warwick. Her conquest of the Viking 'Danelaw' secured the creation of the Kingdom of England

Castle Street, Warwick, United Kingdom