Kirkcaldy Civic Society

Their aims are: to stimulate public interest in and care for, the beauty, history and character of the area of the town and its surroundings; to encourage the preservation, development and improvement of features of general public amenity or historic interest; to encourage high standards of architecture and town planning; and to record all aspects of the past.
KCS plaques remind the public of the people, buildings and events that are important in the history of Kirkcaldy.

Adam Smith Halls planned by Provost Michael Beveridge (1835 - 90) opened in 1899 by Andrew Carnegie in recognition of Kircaldy's greatest citizen Adam Smith (1723 - 90) author of "Wealth Of Nations"

Adam Smith Theatre, Bennochy Road, KY1 1ET, Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

A. H. McIntosh, furniture manufacturer built this house and the family resided here from 1892-1944

Victoria Hotel, Victoria Road, Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

Near here was the Baron Baillie's house in Linktown of Abbotshall when it was a Burgh of the Barony. 1621-1876

Links Street, Linktown, Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

Beechwood. Home of Provost Michael Beveridge 1836-1890 donor of the Beveridge Park

Bennochy Road / Hendry Road, Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

George Munro 1821-98, born at Hospital Mill, Springfield. Veteran of the Crimean War. Also his wife Jane Williamson, 1830-1919, who travelled to the Crimea with her husband and witnessed the "Charge of the Light Brigade"

Bennochy Cemetery, near lodge, Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

This plaque is dedicated to the memory of Flt. Lt. Mike Withey and SAC D. McLoughlin who courageously gave their lives, when their aircraft, a Gloster Meteor MK VII, crashed near this site on 18th October 1957. A tribute received at that time from the head of Templehall School reads: "To the gratetful memory of Flt. Lt. Michael John Withey whose actions as a pilot immediately before his death saved a school and its pupils from a major disaster

road leading from Dunnikier Way up to Dunnikier House Hotel, Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

Dunnikier House

Dunnikier House Hotel, Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

Dunnikier Union Church

Bottom of The Path, near harbour, Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

Eastbank Hotel

Eastbank House, Loughborough Road, Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

Fife Pottery

corner of Pottery Street and Rosslyn Street , Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

Kirkcaldy Free Church

Tolbooth Street, Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom