Kirkcaldy Naturalists' Society

Founded in 1882, the society is concerned with natural history, antiquities and aiding the museum. There is a winter programme (October - March) of illustrated talks and a summer programme (May - September) of outings eg. a ranger led walk investigating the flora of the area. Entry to all meetings is free and open to all.
They have no website but more information and their contact details are listed here on the Fife Council website (link accessed 5/6/12):
Adam Smith 1723-1790 born in Kirkcaldy. On this site stood the home of his mother in which he lived from 1767 - 1776 and completed 'The Wealth Of Nations'. House removed 1834. His grave is in the Canongate Churchyard, Edinburgh. Erected 1953.

220 High Street, KY1 1JT, Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom